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I responded to a job posting for "DEI Marketing", only to discover that they are in fact a shell company of Bravo Home Entertainment. I guess too many people complained about Bravo, so they came up with a new name for themselves, and even let their old domain expire (see their website, which is currently a "parked domain" message.

When I realized that they were a scam, I informed the "HR" person who contacted me that I was no longer interested in the position, and requested they not contact me again.

They disregarded my request and continued to harass me via phone and e-mail. Next time I will be more careful about where I send my resume!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Ilegally underpaid, Wage specification, Mileage, Spam, Harrassment.

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What proof do you have that they continued to contact you? Harassment is a serious allegation if you clearly stated you were not interested and yet they tried to force you to work with them anyway.

I would also like to know more about being illegally underpaid and wage specification. Details Please

to Anonymous #1047610

According to the other reviews posted on this very website, they claim to be an employer, and promise an hourly rate, but then they refuse to pay if you don't make an impossible sales quota. Sounds like an illegal scam to me! But no, I don't have personal experience, I caught onto the scam before getting too involved.

to Anonymous #1057531

According to everything this company post it would be illegal not to withhold promises. There are no impossible sales quotas, and you still make an hourly rate even without sales!!!!

Truth be told, the only scam is listening to comments and opinions on a topic that those commenting have no real experience with.

Thanks though!

to Anonymous #1057818

But guess what. I have experience with this terrible company and terrible owner.

He made one employee leave another who had gotten into a car accident because she was going to be late getting to the store. I'm sorry but that's *** of the earth type stuff right there.

I don't know how much you're getting paid to defend this arrogant and poor excuse for a human being, but I'm sure you'd be happier someplace else.

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